August 01, 2018

Bring the Brilliant Elixir Bar to your Event

Set your event apart with an alcohol-free Botanical Elixir Bar for your guests to enjoy. The Brilliant Elixir Bar experience involves herbal education, flavor exploration and sense enhancement. Our Elixirs are touted for their ability to improve moods, reduce inhibitions, lubricate conversations and even inspire dancing.

Our Elixirs have been meticulously crafted over seven years and have been served all over North America. Our Founder Brandon Bosch was the first employee at REBBL and with Brilliant Elixir, pioneered the now booming Alcohol-Alternative beverage market. Brilliant Elixir has served over 100k bottles at music festivals and all types of events since 2012. Brilliant has stepped back from bottling to focus on bringing botanical elixirs to events.

At Brilliant Elixir, our mission is to promote a culture of healthy social drinking and to deliver beverages that enhance our lives.  

Our mantra: Shine tonight... and tomorrow! 

Contact us today and let's make your event Brilliant.

Some nostalgic images from the past 6 years of Brilliant Elixir

Our first image of Brilliant Elixirs, "Lustre" circa 2012 - The Convent, San Francisco

Would you believe our initial business meetings were held unencumbered by clothing in Travis Sigley's backyard in San Francisco? 

Our first label. - The Center SF, photo credit Jonathan Mandel

The early team, (from left) Travis Sigley (CoFounder), Brandon Bosch/Ram (CoFounder), Zidane Golightly (BE's first designer)


Brilliant dancing into the festival scene.

Brilliant serving regularly at 1015 Folsom just 3 months after making our first batches in 2012

Eric Melvin of NOFX drinking AfterGlow on New Years Eve 2013

Brandon (in a solid gold two piece) sipping Elixirs backstage with NOFX

Our weekly Brilliant Bar at Ecstatic Dance Oakland since 2012

Beautiful Brilliant Herbs 

Living to dance on Treasure Island following service at the disastrous and spectacular Omies Festival

It was really 'hot' in the kitchen at the Convent making our first batches...

Our first pro photo shoot

Shoot from an interview with Michael Grant (CoFounder) and Brandon Bosch (CoFounder)

Lucas Reshi spinning fire next to the main stage and the first legit Brilliant Bar at Enchanted Forest 2014

Our high flying team at Enchanted Forest 2014 photo Aaron Cyrus Dorr

Service at Big Stick 2014. I love the sun backlighting our sign while Sita pounds Elixirs!

Elixir bottle found in the sand at Burning Man 2013, photo credit Alyssa Keys

One of Sita & Ram (Brandon)'s first Brilliant service dates in San Francisco

Elixirs were the drink of choice at Sahuna & Erina's epic wedding at Orr Hot Springs

After 2 logo tournaments and over 600 iterations by artists around the world, our logo and word marks were selected. Ram gave the artists the vision: "The logo should be a B.E., an infinity symbol, hearts, represent feminine fertility, and if possible, a curly mustache." Winning submissions for both the Logo AND the Word mark (as well as later Elixir label designs) goes to the incredible artist and human Kent Labadie

Super rainbow reflective "BE Infinite Love" logo on the back of the Brilliant SuperVan, laser-cut credit to Caroline Margeux

Chocolate, Chilled. This bottle helped me realize I never again wanted to snowboard without Chocolate Lover. It helps me rip like I'm 16 again!

Ram's uncle Ted drank Lustre for the first time and made some freaky gingerbread cookies. Aunt Deb wasn't quite as excited about the experience...

Ram giving a workshop on Elixirs before his DJ set at Ecstatic Dance Hawaii (music link)  photo credit Mollie Hull

Our view of many talks on the Flat Earth from our bar inside the Temple of Consciousness at Lightning in a Bottle 2015 photo Aaron Cyrus Dorr

One of our 3! stage-side bars at Enchanted Forest 2016.

A father bought one of our first hats for his son. I think it fits him perfectly.

One of our customers gave their hat to their grandpa and he loves it!

Symbiosis 2016 team inside the Vau de Vire Circus dome

Our first "scaled up" elixir production for LIB 2013. We thought this was a lot of Elixir!

CoFounder Michael Grant explaining his creations

Shot of Sita & Ram after Enchanted Forest 2014. Best photo of us ever by Aaron Cyrus Dorr

Our first renegade Elixir "booth" at LiB 2013

 Our shiniest booth featuring golden Balinese fabrics at Lucidity 2017

Our Elixirs on grab-n-go status at Twisted Thristle Apothecaries

MG & Raynbow serving in the Android Jones dome at LiB 2014

Ram featured in Wired Magazine while serving at a Consciousness Hacking event

Our first hats and bottles featuring our logo & designs by Kent Labadie - photo

Jazzwall Arts

Our first Elixir placards by Zidane Golightly

 Toasting elixirs at Sahuna & Erina's wedding. photo Jazzwall Arts

And here's a toast to all the great years of Brilliant Elixir. Thanks for the amazing, mind-expanding, heart-expanding, world-expanding experience! I am forever enhanced.


If you have images of yourself or others enjoying Brilliant Elixirs, or any memories you'd like to share with us, please post to our Facebook, or send us an email.