January 24, 2014

Brilliant Passion

The Brilliant Elixirs story is now a passion story on PassionStori.es



"What inspired Brilliant Elixirs? How did you two connect and come up with the idea?

Michael: I love enjoying social beverages and periodically take breaks from drinking alcohol, but still desire to feel that warm social openness it can give.  I started making an early version of “MoonShine” two years ago with the help of a master herbalist and I was sold from then on!  It was really rewarding to serve these early versions to friends at events and see them have such a good time. Making them on a larger scale was a clear next step.

Brandon: I missed the social drinking experience after developing pancreatitis and having to give up alcohol. One exhausted Sunday evening, Michael gave me a concoction that he had developed with a herbalist named Juris Ahn.  I found myself feeling fantastic and dancing all night.  I walked up to Michael after the party and informed him that we were starting a business!"


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