Chocolate Lover (Stimulating Love Elixir)

Chocolate Lover Elixir

30 Bottles of Chocolate Lover have been home brewed in an intense labor of love over 18 hours. This was an exploratory batch testing increased potency of ingredients. We now have two versions of Chocolate Lover available. (1) Classic Chocolate Lover (dominant stimulant: Guarana) (2) Mocha Lover (dominant stimulant: Cold Brew Coffee)

This is a particularly strong batch brewed to increase the potency of the physically felt ingredients. 

*Note* The corks in this batch are particularly difficult to remove from the bottles. Please use a strong corkscrew. It's recommended to use short pulls and to increase the corkscrew depth after each pull.

Please limit your bottle orders to 3 bottles. If you live in the Bay Area, free pickup is available in Oakland. 

Flavor profile: Spiced Chocolate
Purpose: Stimulating Love 

750ml corked bottle - 8 (3oz) servings

Shipping subject to availability.

photo credit Jazzwall Arts


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