January 24, 2014

Bring the Brilliant Elixir Bar to your Event

Set your event apart with an alcohol-free Botanical Elixir Bar for your guests to enjoy. The Brilliant Elixir Bar experience involves herbal education, flavor exploration and sense enhancement. Our Elixirs are touted for their ability to improve moods, reduce inhibitions, lubricate conversations and even inspire dancing.

Our Elixirs have been meticulously crafted over seven years and have been served all over North America. Our Founder Brandon Bosch was the first employee at REBBL and with Brilliant Elixir, pioneered the now booming Alcohol-Alternative beverage market. Brilliant Elixir has served over 100k bottles at music festivals and all types of events since 2012. Brilliant has stepped back from bottling to focus on bringing botanical elixirs to events.

At Brilliant Elixir, our mission is to promote a culture of healthy social drinking and to deliver beverages that enhance our lives.  

Our mantra: Shine tonight... and tomorrow! 

Contact us today and let's make your event Brilliant.

Brilliant Passion

The Brilliant Elixirs story is now a passion story on PassionStori.es



"What inspired Brilliant Elixirs? How did you two connect and come up with the idea?

Michael: I love enjoying social beverages and periodically take breaks from drinking alcohol, but still desire to feel that warm social openness it can give.  I started making an early version of “MoonShine” two years ago with the help of a master herbalist and I was sold from then on!  It was really rewarding to serve these early versions to friends at events and see them have such a good time. Making them on a larger scale was a clear next step.

Brandon: I missed the social drinking experience after developing pancreatitis and having to give up alcohol. One exhausted Sunday evening, Michael gave me a concoction that he had developed with a herbalist named Juris Ahn.  I found myself feeling fantastic and dancing all night.  I walked up to Michael after the party and informed him that we were starting a business!"


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