Tropic MoodShine

30 Bottles of Tropic MoodShine have been home brewed and are ready for devouring. This is a particularly strong batch brewed to increase the potency of the physically felt ingredients. 

Please limit your bottle orders to 3 bottles. If you live in the Bay Area, free pickup is available in Oakland. 
*Note* The corks in this batch are particularly difficult to remove from the bottles. Please use a strong corkscrew. It's recommended to use short pulls and to increase the corkscrew depth after each pull.

Tropic MoodShine Description: 

This beverage was designed to be the world's most legitimate alternative to alcohol. Pleasant sensations are experienced by most and for some, the power of these plants may be overwhelming. Brilliant Elixir has always recommended starting small and getting to know your healthy quantity of consumption. It's not a party if it happens every night and we recommend taking two or more days off in between enjoyments of Tropic MoodShine. Respecting the power of plants is Brilliant!

Flavor profile: Spiced Tropical Juices


750ml corked bottle - 8 (3oz) servings

photo credit Jazzwall Arts

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